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Directory for custom components and templates (users, developers using the framework)

Basic meaning

When developing projects using the gy framework, the project developer (user of the framework) needs to customize standard components, component templates, or just language files, for this you can create the section /customDir/ in the project roots (at the same level as /gy/).

Currently, in the customDir directory, you can create the component directory, then its contents can be exactly the same as in the /gy/component/ directory i.e. there are components of their controllers, models and templates. You can copy the component to /customDir/component/ from /gy/component/ and change it as you like, either one controller or model or template or all together can be copied, just when you call the component on the page, first of all the files the component will be searched in /customDir/component/, and already in the second in /gy/component/ (not all absolutely files, but each of the component files).

A new feature has been added, the user can put his classes in /customDir/classes/ - and they will be automatically connected in the code as standard gy framework classes (it is possible to override standard classes) (used by PSR-0).

You can add the file customDir/gy/afterGyCore.php - this file will be called after all the code /gy/gy.php, in it you can override something from the kernel or add additional autoloading classes (for example, PSR-4 here *16. Class autoloading* ).

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