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Class autoloading

Psr0 is implemented for the gy/classes/, section, also under the customDir/classes/. For modules, psr0 is not implemented, to refer to the module you need to use the fictitious namespace Gy\Modules\<имя модуля>\Classes\<имя класса>.

Example (a piece of code, from a file gy\modules\filemodule\component\work_page_site\controller.php ):

<?php use Gy\Modules\filemodule\Classes\SitePages;

$sitePage = new SitePages($APP->urlProject.'/');


PSR-4 - in gy kernel does not use.

Implemented class for PSR-4 (\gy\classes\Psr\Psr4\Psr4AutoloaderClass.php) which can be used in their projects by a developer using gy. (this has been tested)

Example how to use PSR-4

You need to create a file \customDir\gy\afterGyCore.php, and add PSR-4 autoloading classes to it, indicating the user section where to get the classes from.

For example (file \customDir\gy\afterGyCore.php):

<?php if (!defined("GY_CORE") && (GY_CORE !== true)) die( "gy: err include core" );

global $APP;

// connect psr4 autoloading classes
$autoloadPsr4 = new \Psr\Psr4\Psr4AutoloaderClass;
$autoloadPsr4->addNamespace('Aqw\\', $APP->urlProject.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'testPsr4'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'Aqw'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

File \testPsr4\Aqw\Asd\Asd1.php :


namespace Aqw\Asd;

class Asd1
 public function test(){
  echo '

File \testPsr4.php, using class:

<? include "./gy/gy.php"; // include core

$asd = new Aqw\Asd\Asd1();


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