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Work with repository

The following scenario is assumed, in the /gy/ section of the project there is the core of the framework and is not touched by the user of the framework (the developer of the project (for example, the site) using gy framework).

The developer of the project (for example, the site), creates the pages on which the gy framework is connected and calls the components. Because styles of component templates may not fit the design requirements of the site being developed, there is a special directory /customDir/ (* 10. Directory for custom components and templates (users, developers using the framework) *) into which the developer can copy component templates and change their styles as desired.

The section /customDir/ lies at the level of /gy/. The section /gy/ needs to be ignored when working with turnips, the files and the entire section /gy/ are added to the turnip files from the section /customDir/ as well as the pages themselves and other necessary. This is supposed to ensure that you can always update the contents of the /gy/ section to the actual files from this repository (gy framework updates).

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