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gy php framework kernel settings

This is the settings file - /gy/config/gy_config.php

Example settings file:

$gy_config = array(
 'lang' => 'rus', //- current language, determines which language file is connected
 'sole' => 'pass1021asz#_@)A', //- the value of "salt" is needed for the crypto class and for various kinds of encryption
 'db_config' => array( //- an array with database connection settings
  'db_type' => 'mysql', //- type of database used
  'db_host' => 'localhost', //- host address
  'db_user' => 'root', //- login
  'db_pass' => '********', //- password
  'db_name' => 'gy_db', //- database name
  'db_port' => '31006', // port for host DB
 'type_cache' => 'cacheFiles' // type of caching (this is the name of the class that implements the cache)

Settings can be set by script /gy/install/consoleInstallOptions.php from the console. An example of setting parameters, non-configurable settings will remain unchanged:

php -f consoleInstallOptions.php set-option sole 111 db_type mysql

An example of setting parameters, at which all settings will be erased and only those listed will be installed:

php -f consoleInstallOptions.php set-all sole 111 db_type mysql`

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