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An example of how to get into the admin php framework admin

In browser < your website >/gy/admin/

By default, access to the admin panel with admin rights:
login: admin
password: admin
(need to fill in captcha)

Admin pages can be viewed by users belonging to a group of users who have such rights (rights to such user actions ). Also, part of the menu and part of the pages will be available to users in accordance with the permissions set in their groups, i.e. if there is no permission to change the data containers, then this user will not even have such an item in the menu (data containers), and there will also not be access to such admin pages.

There is a menu and several admin pages such as:

Mini admin panel

After authorization and on the site pages where the component admin-button-public-site is added. a mini admin panel will be visible in the public part. With its help, you can quickly, by clicking on the button, get to the main admin panel, also log out and go to the editor of the site pages.

In the main admin panel there is a button to go to the site in the public part.

You can also configure it so that you can get to the admin panel using a special URL. For safety.
You can read about it at the link *17. 404 page and protection of the admin panel (opening the admin panel using a unique link)* .

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