Gy - php framework/CMS

Gy – it is a small php framework that includes cms elements. Needed for creating small sites and web projects.

Basic goals:

System requirements:

File weight: 350 Kb (with demo data).
Database weight: 208 Kb (with demo data).

Install gy php framework:

After installation


There are wiki pages that show how to work with gy framework. (in terms of admin panel and explanation for developers) or *documentation*

Features of the project

Example сonnection gy php framework

include "./gy/gy.php"; // include core

Example of checking if the kernel is connected gy php framework

<?if ( !defined("GY_CORE") && (GY_CORE !== true) ) die( "gy: err include core" );?>

Example run component:

include "./gy/gy.php"; // include core

// example run component
        'test' => 'asd',
        'idComponent' => 1,